Friday, 24 October 2008

Cinema City

We finally got to go to the arts cinema, Cinema City, in Norwich the night before last and it was a pretty good experience. We went to see Burn After Reading, the latest Coen Brothers film starring George Clooney and the enigmatic John Malkovich.

The bar at Cinema City serves a reasonable selection of bottled beers including three bottle conditioned ales from Woodforde's. When you order a beer you are presented with the opened bottle and a pint glass to pour it into, nothing wrong with that, but the bar staff don't actually warn you. I happen to know that Woodforde's is bottle conditioned but if you were new to the area or not familiar with Woodforde's bottled beer or indeed real ale in a bottle you could well be 'damaged' by the experience.

I had a bottle of Sundew followed by a Nelson's Revenge and they were both tip-top. Much better than the bland choice you get at The Odeon. What is also great is that you are allowed to take your drinks in with you, in glasses. None of you plastic nonsense here. What a great way to watch a film with a glass of real ale to hand!

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