Monday, 27 October 2008

Norwich Beer Festival 2008

Recession, what recession? Tonight is the first night of the Norwich Beer Festival, people were queued round the corner for about a hundred metres or so waiting to get in, and when you got inside the place was heaving. People are spending money on beer and consuming it like the both are going out of fashion. I had planned to call in for a couple of quick tasters, the first night of many. It took me an age to get in and when I did the place was just so full that it was beyond unpleasant. I've agreed to meet a friend there tomorrow night but after that I think I might just knock it on the head. With so many good pubs around who the fuck needs a CAMRA beer festival? I know I don't! I will say though that all the beer I had was most excellent, don't think I ever had a 100% satisfaction on all the beers I've tried at a beer festival, but I did only try four. Those four were, in order of imbibing: Shepherd Neame - Canterbury Jack 3.5% Hyde’s - Light Mild 3.5% Oakham - Bishops Farewell 4.6% Humpty Dumpty - Porter 5.4% The last beer was most excellent, in fact I'd go as far as saying that whilst having a different taste, it was on a par with the great Fullers London Porter. More tomorrow then!

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