Sunday, 2 November 2008

Norwich Beer Festival

I went back to the Norwich Beer Festival on the Tuesday night. Thankfully it wasn't quite as busy as the first night. Another bonus was that it was a music free night. I fear that I shall never see the point of music at beer festivals. All the beers I tried were good although the only one I will mention is Castle Rock Harvest Pale 3.7%. It's an old favourite that has never failed to disappoint. Shame it's not readily available in my neck of the woods.

I hadn't planned to go to the festival anymore, which was just as well, as I've been laid up with a bad back. As a consequence I've not been anywhere, surviving on the odd glass of bottled beer, and feeling very sorry for myself. Thankfully I'm mobile again and looking forward to sampling what's on offer at my local Wetherspoons.

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