Tuesday, 15 July 2008

East Green

Adnams is a pretty useful brewer of quality Suffolk ales, and although now more readily available in the pubs I frequent, I always feel like it's a bit of a treat to drink their beer. So imagine how pleased I was a couple of months ago when I, along with a number of other beer bloggers, got an email from their MD asking if I'd like a case of their new beer, East Green, when it was launched. I said yes of course!

East Green is supposedly the UK's first carbon neutral beer. I'm slightly sceptical about this, but Adnams do seem to be doing more than most breweries to lessen their impact on their environment. So I'm not going to challenge East Green's green credentials.

As the beer in question was not bottle conditioned, it did not qualify for a post on this blog. This is why I didn't write about it when I received my case. But as I've since tried the cask version, I feel that an entry is now warranted.

I have agonised over writing about this ale, and I did think that I might just ignore it altogether. Unfortunately there's this nagging feeling that I have, it is telling me that I should write about my ale experiences, good, bad or indifferent, and without prejudice.

After trying the bottled version I was so pleased that I had restricted myself to writing about real ale. East Green was a nothing beer, designed for poncy London lager drinkers. The ‘best served chilled’ tag on the bottle was an obvious warning sign. Intent on giving it a fair crack of the whip, I approached its cask relation with a totally open mind. Surely the real ale version was going to redeem itself. How wrong I was. This 4% golden ale is the most disappointing ale available from this brewery. If you didn't know better you might assume you were drinking the water that had been used to wash through the beer pipes in the pub. The only noticeable characteristics are a tainted bitterness and the merest hint of cream and citrus. If I was a connoisseur of anaemic donkey wee, I might be fooled by this ale.

Adnams please do the decent thing and give this ale some flavour tout d'suite!

P.S. Sorry Adnams.