Monday, 19 April 2010

Elitist nonsense

I came upon this discussion forum the other day on the jolly old interweb. It would seem to be a forum predominantly for strange heavy metal types who frequent Castle Donington but occasionally they appear to break free of their 'thrash and monster' yoke to venture into other subjects. It was a discussion about real ale that caught my eye, naturally.

In particular this comment touched a nerve:

"Most young people that drink quality ale tend to be cool, in fact I know of one thats an absolute bloody legend.

However, the older ale drinkers all seem to be fat, arrogant, miserable toessers

I possibly fit into this second category. I certainly don't fit into the first on account of my age and the fact that I've never been cool.

I think the overwhelming message that I take from it is to guard against being a beer snob. Something that I find hard at times and something I need to work at not being.

Are you a beer snob?

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RedNev said...

Whoever wrote that is probably a spotty Metallica fan without a girlfriend, who wouldn't know what's cool if it hit him over the head. Probably has long, dark greasy hair too.

Stereotypes! Don't you love them?