Thursday, 29 April 2010

Two memorable beers

I didn’t have many beers in the recent JD Wetherspoon Real Ale Festival, I just popped in for the odd pint here and there but I had a couple that were quite memorable.

Just when you think all golden ales are the same along comes one to confuse and amuse. And so it was with Zululand Zulu Blonde 4.5%. According to the festival notes, “this golden beer has a slight honey aroma and a flavour which is predominantly malty… …plus a subtle, underlying bitterness”, and true to life it was. It did exactly what it said on the ‘label’.
Despite it being a warm sunny evening, when you see a beer called Maui Coconut Porter 5% from a Hawaiian brewer you just have to try it. This dark complex beer has hint of vanilla or possibly marshmallow, along with notes of door-mat and boot polish. This is ale you would need to work at. Even though this vile libation was one of the worst I’d tasted in many a live long day I managed, with true British pluck and a stiff upper lip to down every drop. I shall make a point of never ordering this particular brew again.

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Paul Bailey said...

Didn't try it myself, but a friend was raving about it. Different strokes??