Monday, 3 May 2010

Sing little birdie

I live but a stone’s throw from Norwich City FC ground. From our flat you can see the crowd and most definitely hear the roar, when there is something to roar about. This season they have had plenty to roar about. I'm no football fan, in fact I view most sport with the contempt it deserves; it is art for Neanderthals. Having said that, living here, you can't help being aware that Norwich came top of Division 3 (it’s my age) this season. I've no doubt many people are cashing in on this mini triumph and a local brewer is amongst them. Woodfordes has produced a beer called City at 4.1%. So despite my indifference to the beautiful game I had to try this ale. A beer in honour of the Canaries could not be anything other than a golden ale. And this golden ale is quite light in colour. Think Mongolian donkey wee.

Thankfully it didn't taste of donkey wee. Far from it. This is a first class golden ale. Woodfordes brew bloody good beer at the best of times and this is of that calibre. A flowery scented ale with citrus notes I’m sure you know the sort of thing. Not particularly bitter, in fact a hint of sweetness, this makes for a brilliant quaffing ale; a perfect example of the genre. This enjoyable brew reminded me of something else. It took me a while to think of what it was. St Austell Tribute I finally concluded. With warmer weather here it is most certainly golden ale time. I think I might have to pop back for some more of this nectar in the next day or so. Get it if you can.

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