Monday, 28 June 2010

Beer and sandwiches? Not on your Nelly.

As some of you will know I’m quite keen on beer and food matching and promoting beer to go with food. Beer is most certainly more versatile than wine when it come to food accompaniment. So I was pleased to see that Adnams had staged a ‘Beer Lunch at the Swan’. The Swan is Adnams flagship hotel in Southwold, although in my opinion the Crown is a more preferable establishment, but nothing wrong with the Swan!

The meal looks to be a little more sophisticated than beer and sandwiches as Fergus’ blog posting attests. Fergus is the Master Brewer at Adnams so no one better to offer up the full SP. My only complaint is why I didn’t I get an invite? Could it be I marked my card with a dire review of EastGreen quite a while back? Possibly doesn’t always pay to be too honest.

We need more breweries and foodie organisations to be doing stuff like this. Beer with food can be a refined and discerning experience. It’s not all about a ruffian with a pie and a pint. Not that there’s anything wrong with pies and pints I might add. I would also like to point out that I’m not ruffianist either – RealAleBlog is an equal opportunities blog.

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RedNev said...

A decent pint and a proper ploughman's lunch is one of my favourite meals. That doesn't include the ploughman's I had a few years ago that included four pieces of sliced white bread. A self-assembly sandwich, in other words.