Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Big Lunch

I received an email from a Sam of an agency called Cake asking if I would give a mention about The Big Lunch. It is an initiative started last year by The Eden Project ( with the aim of introducing people to their neighbours, bringing communities together over an afternoon of fun and a spot of lunch! Last year about 1 million people took part across the country and it’s happening again this year on the 18th of July, here is the link to this year’s site:

“If you’ve ever dreamed of brewing your own beer, then this is the competition for you. The Big Lunch Beer Challenge is looking for the rising stars in home brewing and are inviting home brewers of the UK to create a very special ‘Big Lunch’ beer.

The winning brewer will get the incredible opportunity to work with the Head Brewer at Sharp’s Brewery, Stuart Howe and make a commercial batch of your winning beer – your neighbours will be very impressed!”

If you’d like to find out more about The Big Lunch beer challenge here’s the link

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