Friday, 9 July 2010

Slight concern

The pub I think of as my ‘local’, which incidentally is probably one of the best pubs in Norwich, is losing the present landlord and landlady. I was accused recently by a work colleague of being a ‘glass half full’ ‘glass half empty’ person. She is probably right. So in an effort to change I’m going to greet the news that the tenants are leaving in as positive manner as possible. It is currently a busy wet-lead pub with around a dozen well kept real ales. It is a good local’s pub with what appears to be a regular and loyal clientele. There are two other pubs in close proximity and they are never as popular as the Kings Arms. This pub is a marvellous opportunity for the right person. I suspect Bateman’s know this. It would need to be run by someone that has an affinity with real ale. With the customer base that this pub has it is ready to be taken to an even greater level. With a little work this pub could be a genuine National POTY*contender. If I wasn’t so old and hadn’t already run a beer related business I would think seriously about applying to take it on. I have no doubt though that they will not have trouble finding a suitable candidate.

*POTY = Pub of the year for the uninitiated