Tuesday, 21 September 2010

When a man is tired of ale he is tired of life!

I’m not sure I could ever be fed up with drinking real ale. But I do have bouts of being fed up with blogging about it, and reading about it. You may have noticed! I’ve just renewed my CAMRA membership for another year and I’m starting to think that I might not bother next time. It’s nice to get the Wetherspoon’s vouchers again although it is a bit of a mixed blessing especially if you have want to use the first quarter’s worth in a month, as I have to. I realise that it’s not compulsory but, hey, everyone likes a bargain, don’t they? I hardly bother to read What’s Brewing or Beer anymore as I find them both rather moribund journals. I really can’t be bothered to go to meetings and I don’t find beer festivals that enjoyable, apart from the odd exception. Is it my age? Am I developing a US style attention span of a gnat? What was I saying?

I’m not saying that I no longer agree with what CAMRA stand for because I still feel that they do a good job as a consumer interest group. It’s just that I don’t feel enthusiastic enough to be part of it anymore.