Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dark Star American Pale Ale

The Vine has really got to offer some of the best kept ale in Norwich. The food’s good as well. We sometimes call in of Saturday lunchtime if we are in the city. One such lunch a few weeks ago offered up a new ale to me, Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.7%. I must say I do like what has surely become a genre in its own right and that is the bitter, strong, pale, golden ale. This magnificent specimen with its light colour, initial fruity/vanilla hints, wisps of hop flavour and a bitter marmalade style aftertaste had me supping in double quick time and going back for seconds. This magnificent ale with its fractal character is a pure joy to the taste buds. Try it when you can.


Mark said...

Surely the style is ... American Pale Ale (or APA)??

Anyway, agree with you, when on form this is a fantastic beer.


Paul Garrard said...

In a way I suppose your right but I was thinking of something slightly broader. A golden ale/ipa hybrid.

Tandleman said...

I think this is where the differences between British and Yankee versions of American IPA come out. The yanks will usually use more crystal malt and some darker malts to give a light to mid brown colour.

British brewers won't. This is Gazza's Mid Atlantic Pale Ale.

Mark said...

APA, not IPA.

I do think that Dark Star APA is different to a lot of 'typical' US brewed APA's though. Less malt character, less hop.

As for IPA's, I think UK brewed versions fall into two categories. Attempts at imitating the US style (see Kernel and Summer Wine) and then versions that take influence from the US versions but tone them down to turn them into hop forward, golden, more sessionable strength beers (this would be the mid Atlantic pale ale, see Oakham citra, the stuff being brewed at Brew Wharf, Redemption Hopspur etc).