Saturday, 10 December 2011

Winter draws on

As some might have gathered from my blog I am avid golden ale drinker. I favour drinking this style of ale most of the year round. Having said that as soon as the weather takes that seasonal chilly dip my thoughts also turn to beers of a darker hue. So generally from say November to March I can also be spotted imbibing of darker brown beers, dark milds and the occasional stout. I have to confess that stout would rarely be my first choice when out drinking but under certain circumstances I would partake. Those circumstances are either ‘it’s the last beer of the evening’, ‘there are no exciting alternatives’ or ‘I’m eating chocolate pudding’. But I do like a nice drop of dark mild.

Recently in a pub in Norwich I came across Winter’s Mild 3.6%. Winter’s is a Norwich brewery and their mild is truly a magnificent pint that epitomises this dark non-bitter genre. It is smoky-nuttiness personified. Imagine if you will a briar pipe lovingly packed with hessian and beechnut husks, ignited, puffed and then billowing out its magic. That’s Winter’s Mild in a nutshell. Well a pint glass actually.

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