Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ramble away

A beer for every occasion, and every occasion a beer! This review could well end up sounding like damning with faint praise, but it is not intended to be. I like session ales. Sometimes a man (and no doubt ladies do as well) just wants a thirst slaking beer, rather than savouring and chewing a complex brew of note and strength. I also like to think that I have quite an acute sense of taste. Which is probably why I have found the real ale drinking experience to be such a joy since pubs were rid of the obnoxious tobacco smoke contamination. I’d never heard of the Coach House Brewing Company of Warrington until last night. I called in for a pint on my way home to find that their Farrier Best Bitter 3.9% available. That was the pint for me. And, I was so glad of the choice I had made. I like the term ‘Best Bitter’ it’s not used enough these days. Of course it’s essentially meaningless but even so you sort of knew what you were going to get when ordered it. Farrier Best Bitter is a useful ale. Despite the tag it is not overly bitter. It is hoppy malt water. But hoppy malt water is good. It is pleasing in the mouth, has enough flavour for you to know you are drinking good ale. And, this ale was in good condition. I could have carried on drinking it all evening given the chance. On the strength of this beer (no pun intended) I shall certainly look out for other beers from this brewery.