Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Marisco Tavern, Lundy

When you are the only pub in town with a captive audience you don’t need to try very hard. You could so easily rest on your laurels. But not so The Marisco Tavern, the only pub on Lundy. At the beginning of June we enjoyed a week’s holiday on this isolated island where the pub was but a stone’s throw away from where we were residing; basically through the garden gate and about 25 yards up a slope.

The Marisco Tavern is a pub, a restaurant, and part-time information point and education facility. On Lundy the pub truly is the hub. There were two ‘own label’ ales on hand pump both tip-top quality and both brewed by St Austell; Lundy Experience 3.9% a lightly bittered session ale and Lundy Old Light 4.2% a fruity light coloured malty ale that could well share many similarities with Tribute. The food pretty good as well. Lunches were safe baguette, pie and burger type options but the evening meals were certainly a cut above your average pub grub. I particularly enjoyed the hearty game stew which was made from meat from the island. The portions are generous with the size of the puddings bordering on mildly obscene. The bread and butter pudding weighing in as a major heavyweight. Grande but delicious. A must try.

The walls are adorned with artefacts salvaged from shipwrecks off Lundy. Stone floors and wooden furniture the place is unspoilt and unpretentious. Mobile phones and computers are banned from use in the pub which feels very much in keeping with the island.

Lundy is an idyllic island and the Marisco Tavern is a great pub that I enjoyed having for my local. My favourite bit was that at meal times if we were eating in I could just pop through the garden gate and into the pub, order a pint and bring it back to where we were staying. Heaven.