Saturday, 9 March 2013

A bear of very little brain?

…Pooh Bear.

In my last post I promised to write about a good experience I’d had on that day and that experience is Pooh Bear from the Norwich Bear brewery. I’ve since been back for confirmation and it is a most excellent beer.

As the crow flies The Rose on City Road, Norwich is possibly my nearest pub. Although that accolade could go to the ‘spoons Queen Of Iceni on Riverside. I just can’t be arsed to even work it out. Sadly I too often eschew the Rose for the Kings Arms. That’s because I’m a bit of a beer whore. The Rose now seems to only do their own beer. Now don’t get me wrong, the beer is very good, it’s just that I’m always looking for something new so I tend to walk that little bit further often.

Anyway, back to the beer; Pooh Bear 4.2%. It’s a brown beer, but not just any brown beer, or brown bear come to that. Well actually it’s the golden side of brown, but hey all beers are on the brown spectrum aren’t they? What first hits you is that it has that distinctive and oh so appealing hamsterbedding taste, right from the first sip. This is followed by sweet maltiness along with some slight floral notes. I guess that’s the orange and the honey coming through, although I must say the orange is quite subtle. Nothing wrong with that I might add, subtle orange does just fine!

Pooh Bear is a most enjoyable ale and Norwich Bear a most useful brewery. It’s a no-brainer really.