Friday, 12 April 2013

More cheap beer bollocks

This Daily Telegraph* story sparked by a letter from “The heads of pubs, nightclubs and breweries… …pleading with David Cameron to stick to his plans to introduce a minimum alcohol price.” Is absolutely fucking ridiculous and all about greed rather than any concern for peoples’ welfare. Capitalists don’t give a shit about the welfare of people!

Sadly there is this myth that I firmly believe is totally unfounded that cheap supermarket beer and alcohol in general is causing the demise of pubs. Even sadder is that Camra seem to be prepared to sanction this misguided notion. Pubs are killing pubs with their lazy, dirty, ineffectual, uninspiring and couldn’t care less attitudes. Oi you, pubs! Give the punters what they want. And, rarely is it cheap alcohol. Care about them. Entice them.

Has supermarket coffee prices damaged Costa?

Why when I purchased my pint of Thornbridge Jaipur for the princely sum of 4.90 of our English pounds in the Norwich Tap House last Saturday, a place where all the beer is priced in similar fashion, was the place heaving? 

*Daily Telegraph – the thinking-but-uncaring-person’s Daily Mail