Friday, 22 February 2013

Beer today gone tomorrow?

I became bored with this blog and being tied by the feeling that I had to write about every ale drinking experience. It is surprisingly liberating just going into a pub, ordering a pint and just enjoying it without even having to think about writing about it. But last Saturday I had a day of two pub halves and have felt the need once again to put fingers to keyboard.
Saturday lunchtime saw us out to lunch. I won’t name the pub but we’ll call it the Monarch’s Appendage or Appendages. Beautiful old pub in a picturesque village setting. A pleasant enough greeting but the service seemed a tad slow. Because I was driving I only had a couple of halves, but both were very well kept golden ales; the first Theakstons Lightfoot followed by Humpty Dumpty Swallowtail; most enjoyable. Sadly the lunch experience left us somewhat underwhelmed. The pub wasn’t heaving, there were three staff on doing both waiting and bar serving. More than enough it appears to deal with demand. There appeared to be a lot of walking back and forth but very little actual doing things. It took someone ages to take our order, despite a reminder. Getting a second drink from the bar took an unnecessarily long time. And our meal took around forty minutes to arrive and when it arrived it was rather disappointing. I wish pubs wouldn’t try their hand at what turns out to be pseudo gastro. Don’t get me wrong I like gastro when it’s done well. In fact there’s a pub in Norwich that does gastro outstandingly well. But if you can’t get it right then stick to pub grub. I’d rather have good pub grub than mediocre gastro any day.
Don’t let any licensee talk to me about cheap supermarket beer and being the reason for pubs closing because quite frankly its bollocks. Poor and mediocre service and fare are the reason for pub closures. Come on pubs get real. You want bums on seats you’ve got to earn them!
The day improved early evening when I called in at a very local pub and was pleasantly surprised. More about that in my next posting.