Thursday, 30 May 2013

“Bitter race row over Faversham brewery Shepherd Neame's Spitfire beer ad”

Shepherd Neame are not my most favourite brewery and their advertising always manages to offend me greatly, as it should any decent thinking person! 

They do say that there is no such thing as bad publicity but when, in my humble opinion, a brewery brings a quality product like real ale down to the level of the lager lout and swivel-eyed UKIP types it’s a very sad day indeed. 

Shepherd Neame’s jingoistic approach to beer advertising really has no place in the day and age and I’m glad, if this article is to be believed, that an advert for Spitfire has been refused permission to be aired on TV. ‘The sketch, which stars comic duo Armstrong and Miller, makes reference to "Poles" and "Paddies" laying patios.

I have blogged before about their distasteful advertising. I even complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about them. Sadly my complaint was not upheld. I repeat my call now ‘Come on Shepherd Neame clean up your act.’

Perhaps it’s time for beer drinkers to boycott the likes of Shepherd Neame. And while we’re on the subject lets boycott Charles Wells for their somewhat neo-sexist Rik Mayall ads.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

"Please tell us your views on pubs that offer overnight accommodation" the email said

I’ve just filled in a survey from these geezers (I use that term in the nicest possible way I might add). The survey was about accommodation in pubs. It’s quite some time since I’ve stayed in a pub. These days I prefer to stay in Premier Inns which ironically are owned by Whitbread, a onetime brewery.

I no longer stay in pubs because on the last few occasions I’ve always been underwhelmed by the mediocre quality and service levels. I’d rather have uniform quality than quirky shoddiness.

I worry that these days much of my commenting on pubs seems to be negative. But I do feel that many publicans, whilst I’m sure hard working, would rather stick their heads in the sand and blame the righteous and justified smoking ban or the red herring that is supermarket beer prices rather than offering customers a unique quality experience that will bring customers to their door. Publicans its ‘game upping’ that’s needed not crying into your beer!